Heya, I’m k! (or tens of other name that i used depending on where i am) I’m 19 and an INFP1. I mostly tweet/post in en and id (occasional javanese too), I also know (and still learning) zh, ko, and ja. Though still not that proficient so i don’t really use them in tweets. (read: i still suck at reading kanji and hanzi)

about socials

tldr multifandom acc. mostly genshin, but since the account is for weeb stuff, i also post contents from other fandom sometimes.

While it’s generally safe for minors, I sometimes use swear words in my posts. I don’t interact with NSFW images or videos, but I may engage (by liking or commenting) on posts with slight NSFW language.

I’m open to any ship as long as it isn’t toxic, illegal, or weird.

before you follow/if you’re going to interact:

  • please put CW (content warning) on sensitive and or disturbing media
  • no bigotry of any kind please
  • having no problem with me just dumping my thoughs (will be rare occasion from now on (i hope))
  • i retweet genshin leaks
  • i do occasional live-tweeting/posting of games, esp. genshin
  • i might miss or don’t understand some social cues (i’m neurodivergent), so it’s fine to tell me if i miss one!
  • please don’t trauma dump on me, esp. if you’re a stranger or a new moots, go seek professional help (therapist/psychologist) instead. (yes, that shit happened. hence me writing this)

you probably shouldn’t follow/interact if you:

  • post/rt/interact with NSFW and NSFL media (i don’t want to see some anime nudes and gore stuff on my TL, thanks.)
  • are an incel edgelord weeb

ACGN (anime, comics, games, and novels)

anime n manga

I used to watch anime and read manga, but haven’t had much time for it lately due to other interests. If you’re interested, feel free to check out my anilist profile. I hope to get back into it someday, but for now, my watchlist is just sitting there.

comfort chara

characters i love/comfort chara: kazuha, kanade (from pjsk), albedo, layla, venti, scara, diluc, aether, tighnari, xiao, lyney, yanfei, keqing, and cyno.

rhythm games

Although I don’t play rhythm games as much as I used to, I still enjoy them every now and then. lmk if you have any recommendations for new or different rhythm games!

planning to play:

  • Project Sekai (yes, haven’t really touched the story yet)
  • Arcaea
  • Cytus
  • Deemo
  • maimai (not on my location unfortunately)

  1. Personality is complex and cannot be fully captured by MBTI. Sure it’s a helpful tool for self-understanding, but not the only defining factor of who you are. ↩︎